An Alternative Choice to Public Education

Dixie County Learning Academy

Most children know the feelings of: Reading and/or Math as struggles, extreme frustrations, "shut downs" and "stop trying" resulting in learning/ behavior problems.

DCLA's program is based on helping those children by providing a family oriented environment with authentic learning, academic achievement and practical life skills.

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We would like to welcome all our students and their families to the 2023-2024 school year and Dixie County Learning Academy’s 20th year!

We hope you all had a fun, relaxing summer vacation. This year we are looking forward to an exciting and rewarding learning experience for each one of our students. Our teachers have worked hard to prepare curriculum that will be fun and educational, following and exceeding the Florida Department of Education standards.

Dixie County Learning Academy’s mission is to promote integrity, respect, and dignity by creating lifelong learners in a safe and trusting environment. With our vision to build a spirit of collaboration and pride, a solid foundation established through hard work and dedication together with our team of administration, teachers, students, and parents.

DCLA has added a lot of additional safety futures - self-locking door locks, safety films on all windows, secure barrier on inside of all doors, direct silent lines to police and fire department and more …………

If you have any questions or concerns, we are here for you. Please feel free to call or texts us at any time. Our office numbers are (352) 542-3306 - Mrs. Carrie or (352)542-3050 - Mrs. Brittany

You can always reach Dr. Sylvia Lamenta as well after hours at: 1-305-582- 4736.

Please do not forget to visit our Facebook page throughout the year for important information and upcoming events.

We are blessed to welcome everyone back and we are looking forward to another exciting fun filled, safe school year. Thank you for allowing us to educate your children!


Dr. Sylvia Lamenta-Keen and Faculty

Unique Educational Program

DCLA offers a unique well-grounded program providing a low student-to-teacher ratio; individualized one-to-one and small group instructions. Strong interchangeable academic curriculums are exceeding the standard set by the state and designed to meet the need of student's fundamental aspects, responding to each child's ability and creativity. Multi-age grouping, one of the key factors in the DCLA philosophy, fosters team teaching, cooperative learning, less grade retention as well as flexible placing. State certified, experienced teachers along with well-trained, loving, caring faculty are addressing and supporting each student's educational, intellectual, social and artistic needs.

Meeting the Needs of Today's Students

In order to effectively meet the educational needs of today's adolescence we believe strongly in creating a physical, social, and emotional safe learning environment. Our unique program makes learning fun and molds young minds into self contained confident individuals ready for leadership.

DCLA graduates are eligible to join the Military and Marines. We are an affiliate member in good standing of the North Central Florida AEYC, SECA, ECA of Florida as well as ACSI since 2004.

These achievements are possible based on utilizing DCLA's philosophy and methodology approaches to learning integrating enhanced modern technology and trends in research. We all know: Children learn from experience and repetition like sponges, able to absorb information effortlessly. Our society continues to change rapidly every day. It is important to prepare our children for time and time unforeseen.

DCLA admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin. Rights, priviledges, programs and activities are equally accorded to ALL students at the school.

DCLA does not discriminate on the basis of race, national origin, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation or physical impairment.